• Since starting in 2008, Charles has received over 53 Internationally renowned Prizes & Awards for excellence in his field of work from some of the most important, prestigious industry events, Tattoo Conventions or Tattoo Festivals worldwide. Read More

    Charles has been featured and published in most of the best tattoo online & paper magazines such as Inked (USA),  Tattoo Lifestyle (USA), Tattoo Life (Europe), The New Generation of Tattoo Artists (Wilkinson Publishing Book) and many more... Read more

    Charles has been called to speak at hundreds of tattoo events and give seminars about innovative tattooing techniques he has developed.

    Currently, people travel from all over the world just to attend his seminars. Read more

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Inspirational story. Why is he so motivated?

His father, a talented oil painter, had never managed to make a living exclusively with his art. However, for Charles’ it was different this time, he had lost it all, so he considered he had nothing to lose...

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