Dallas Celebrity Tattoo Artists

Being tattooed by one of the world's most celebrated Dallas celebrity tattoo artists is something only a handful of people get to live out their dream. You may recognize celebrity tattoo artist Charles Huurman from his work with other TV celebrity artists like Ryan Ashley Malarquey of INK Master and Ami James of Miami Ink. 

But you don't need to be a reality TV star to get this once in a lifetime opportunity. All you need do is try to get on the schedule to get inked by Charles Huurman as he opens up much-coveted consultations (until he starts traveling again, anyway).


 Our Experience with High-Profile Clients – Celebrity clients expect nothing less than perfection and will complain loudly if they don't get it. That's why celebrity tattoo artists in Dallas TX like Charles set such a high bar for themselves and achieve superior results every time. Quality is not only something to strive for, it's essential. 

 We Have the Best Ink – As a rule, we have access to higher-quality ink than your average shop does. They can afford to buy the best quality ink in bulk and keep it fresh longer than lower-end shops can.  

It’s also a benefit that Dallas celebrity tattoo artists are going to be using tested and approved formulas that have been certified as safe by reputable organizations. This means you won't be exposed to toxic chemicals or other harmful substances when getting your ink done at a high-end studio. 

 We Have the Best Equipment – Celebrities often spend thousands of dollars on their tattoos because they want them to look flawless, and they expect their equally well-known celebrity tattoo artists in Dallas TX to work to match that standard too. As such, we have state-of-the-art equipment and tools to work with.



Being tattooed by world-renowned Dallas celebrity tattoo artists is a dream come true for many. Whether you want to emulate your favorite rock star or model or simply want the best experience possible, don't miss your opportunity. Fill out the Charles Huurman online contact form below and provide the information that is requested. The contact form will go through an approval process. Once approved, we will do a full proposal and estimate for you and will send you your custom project report with all the relevant information and recommendations as well as possible dates and estimates. If you agree, you can then immediately start booking your interviews with Charles to create your designs. These interviews don’t end until both you and Charles love the design!