San Antonio Realism Tattoo Artists

Our realistic tattoo designs from our professional San Antonio realism tattoo artists are breathtakingly beautiful. We have seen people cry when we have finished creating their tattoo design because it looks so real. A lot of our customers say that they feel like their new tattoo would look great as a photo in a magazine or on the cover of a book.


  • Realism Tattoos are an Image Brought to Life – A great realism tattoo will look like a photograph instead of an illustration because it has been shaded and colored so carefully by realism tattoo artists in San Antonio TX with true artistic talent. Everything is clear and visible so that it looks exactly like the subject being depicted, such as eyes, noses, mouth and ears.
  • Detail – A great realism tattoo has lots of detail in it. This means that you can see every little part of it, from the wrinkles on an old person's face to the veins in their hands. Everything needs to be perfect, so having an artist who knows what they're doing us crucial to the process.
  • Color – Good San Antonio realism tattoo artists know that a great realism tattoo may also have color. Realism tattoos aren't just black and white or gray scale, although they can be. You might have noticed that many realist pieces use reds, yellows, and blues because these colors help bring out the detail even more than black ink would.


What makes realism tattoo artists in San Antonio TX so great? It's more than just their skills with the machine. A talented tattooist will:
  • Usually have a fine art background; our artist has 30 years of experience as an oil painter
  • Understand how light works on the body, and how it changes depending on where you're standing or sitting relative to your artwork
  • Know how skin reacts under certain circumstances, for example, whether it'll scar when exposed to sunlight or if it'll discolor over time


We invite you to consult with experienced San Antonio realism tattoo artists at this time. Please fill out the Charles Huurman online form below to provide the information we need to evaluate your project. If your project is approved, then we’ll get back to you to discuss moving forward with a detailed and custom 10-20 pages project report that gives all the relevant information, our recommendations, estimates and possible start dates.