Austin Hyper Realistic Tattoo Artists

Hyper realistic tattoos are artistic works that take a high-resolution image and transform it intricately into a tattoo. These tattoos have depth and dimensionality, with tiny details that make them look almost like photographs. 

The Austin hyper realistic 3D tattoo artists like Charles Huurman create tattoos that are stunning works of art that demand attention. They look like they’re literally coming off your skin, which makes them perfect for anyone who wants to stand out in a crowd.


  • Pick Out a Spot – Once you know what you want, it’s time to decide where on your body it will go. Good hyper realistic 3D tattoo artists in Austin TX like Charles Huurman can make sure that it fits with your body type and that there won’t be any problems with other tattoos or scars.
  • Choose Subject Matter Wisely – Try not to pick something that’s too complex or detailed. More is not always better when it comes to realism. Keep in mind that tattoos age over time, too, so be sure your subject matter won’t lose its appeal over time. For example, we can create a tattoo of a dog on your arm that looks like a photograph and your beloved pet will be with you forever.
  • Make Sure Your Artist is Experienced in Hyper Realism – Make sure that your artist has sufficient experience because this is completely different from other types of tattooing! Our artist Charles Huurman is one of the best Austin hyper realistic 3D tattoo artists with 16 years of experience, and importantly, three decades of experience as a professional fine art painter as well.


The styles of hyper-realistic tattoos created by hyper realistic 3D tattoo artists in Austin vary greatly, but they can be broken down into several categories:
  • Photo-realistic, which can be from personal photographs or even magazine or newspaper clippings
  • Abstract, usually from hand drawn or custom designs
  • Illustrative, which uses illustrations like cartoons instead of photographs


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