Houston Best Tattoo Shops

If you’re Googling Houston best tattoo shops or the best tattoo shops anywhere, for that matter, look no further. From celebrities to sports stars to the everyday person who truly cares about quality, we have been tattooing the most discerning customers for years. We've won their trust because of our attention to detail, and we'll win yours too.


  • Our Hyper realistic Tattoos Look Like Oil Paintings – This is probably because our tattoo artist Charles Huurman is a world-renowned fine artist and painter with 16 years of experience. Your tattoo from one of the best tattoo shops in Houston TX will quite literally be a work of art.
  • Full Sleeves and Backs That Look Cohesive – Regardless of how large it is, we will create a piece of art that looks like a single, seamless image. We don't believe that your sleeve or back piece should look like a bunch of images hastily stacked together.
  • Our Work Has Only Just Begun After the First Pass – Once we have completed the first pass and you have fully healed, we will make a second pass to fill in the details and colors that will bring your tattoo to life. We are considered the best among Houston best tattoo shops by our elite clientele because of our meticulous process and assurance that every client is delighted with our work.


We are dedicated to being the number one choice when it comes to the best tattoo shops in Houston TX and will provide you with the best experience possible. We offer a wide variety of tattoos, including, but not limited to:

  • Color as well as black and gray
  • Realism such as portraits, animals, and pets
  • Abstract
  • Cover-ups
  • Big pieces, sleeves, back pieces, full chest


We don't just want you to believe our words. You can experience the quality of Charles Huurman for yourself. Come in and see the difference Houston best tattoo shops make with your own eyes. We're confident that after you view our work, the choice will be clear. Please take a moment to complete the online form below to book your exclusive consultation.