Texas Best Tattoo Artist

Your tattoo is permanent. You want to be comfortable with your decision, right? So don't settle for sub-par work by an average tattoo artist! 

Consider Charles Huurman. His high-profile client list includes well-known celebrities, rock stars and athletes, many of whom regard him as Texas best tattoo artist because of his talent.


  • Experience – Charles has been a Realism Tattoo Artist for 16 years and can work his magic on any style no matter how complicated or intricate it is. His full sleeves even look cohesive and clear, which is why so many clients travel to see him and say he's the best tattoo artist in Texas or anywhere.
  • Creativity – The best tattoo artists take things to the next level with their unique styles and ideas that blow your mind. Charles spent decades in the world of fine art as a painter prior to becoming a tattoo artist, which greatly enhances his ability to do a phenomenal tat for you.
  • Works with Many Designs – If you are looking for best tattoo artist in Texas. Choose any design including custom; color or black and gray; realism as in portraits, animals, and pets; abstract or unconventional; big pieces, sleeves, back pieces, and full chest; cover-ups, and more.


When you consider who is the best tattoo artist in Texas for you to work with, you need to take a close look at their track record. Our artist has:
  • Received over 53 Internationally Renowned Prizes & Awards for excellence since starting in 2008 from many of the most important, prestigious industry events, tattoo conventions and tattoo festivals worldwide
  • Traveled to tattoo with the best artists in the world including Ami James' Love-Hate in Ireland, Freedom Tattoo in Hong Kong, and Utopian Tattoo Tribe in Ireland and Spain
  • Been a keynote speaker at tattoo events, lectures and advanced seminars with people traveling from all over the world to learn from him


Thanks for taking the time to learn more about why we think Charles is Texas best tattoo artist.

Charles meets and greets many times with all booked clients. We study each project we receive and for the ones selected, we create a project and estimate with all the information, the process and the possibilities. Once dates are booked, we have many meetings and designs, as many as needed till it’s perfect!