Discover the 8 different types of tattoo styles and designs by Charles Huurman. From traditional to realistic, explore the artistry behind each unique tattoo style.
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Post Tattoo Care: How to Heal Your New Tattoo
Charles Huurman, a leading celebrity tattoo artist shares his tips on Post tattoo care and the do's and dont's for better healing of your new tattoo.
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Getting the best reference to tattoo a portrait
I can work with nearly anything a client gives me. I’ll be totally honest. The easiest way for me is to go with all the footage I get, put it on your skin and tattoo it. But people come to me to do the best I can, and part of that is trying to get the best possible materials to work with. So I will...
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Covering Tattoos

 Tattoo Cover-ups 

Charles enjoys Cover-ups, because he can do amazing work with them. How ever we have to bear in mind that with Cover-Ups there are a few restrictions that will make it happen. Thats why not all ideas are good for Cover-Ups. We will take the time to explain some of Charles...

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For a great tattoo design, designing is at least 60% more important than actually tattooing.

Using new technologies is better because you can study many possibilities instead of one or two options like with traditional drawing. 

With 3D technology I can try and see more things as when I have to w...

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