8 Different Types of Tattoo Style

12.19.23 06:31 AM By Charles Huurman

Choosing a tattoo requires true inspiration to narrow down to your unique calling. While tattoo artists do their job of recommending, opting for an individual style and placement demands independent input. Every tattoo is unique just like the individual who wears it, making the possibilities endless while curating one. This article lists the different types of tattoo styles to assist you in navigating through the overwhelming range of tattoo styles to choose the one that resonates with you best.

1. American Traditional Tattoo Style

Defining the idea of tattoos from the earliest of times, these are two-dimensional look tattoos with a cartoonish quality. They have high saturation and are suitable for any skin tone. You can also expect minimal fading from these tattoos compared with contemporary tattoos. Some of the common motifs under this style include snakes, hearts, sails, anchors, mermaids, eagles and panthers.

2. Neo-Traditional Tattoo Style

The progressed version of the American traditional tattoo style, it encompasses nature-inspired motifs including vines, animals, flowers, etc. The primary characteristics of this style are vibrant colour palettes and prominent linework. The major difference that differentiates it from the traditional American style is its combination of art nouveau and art deco, its use of colours and a broader range of motifs.

3. New School Tattoos

Characterised by bold and heavy outlines, together with the introduction of three-dimensional designs, the new school tattoos present playful exaggerated designs. They are imported from America's popular culture with motifs including characters from popular shows. The new school tattoos delve into the iconic way of presenting motifs as compared to the earlier two categories. It is the right blend of honouring tradition while allowing space for creativity.

4. Black and Grey Tattoo Style

Also referred to as the modern monochrome tattoo style, this style focuses on the design instead of delving into the intricacies of colour attractions. They employ black, grey and white ink to curate designs with heavy shading to create a monochromatic effect. Actively used in realism and hyper-realism tattoos, this style can leave a significant effect, especially focusing on the design.

5. Hyperrealism Tattoo Style

A technique to render tattoos visually appealing, not just like an image but as if the object is there on the skin. By incorporating shading and depth, they make tattoos attractive like no other form. Charles Huurman is an award-winning tattoo artist in Austin, Texas, designing extraordinary hyperrealism and surrealism tattoos to provide incomparable similarity and realness.

6. Watercolour Tattoo Style

This tattoo style stands out for its subtle appearance of a watercolour painting on the skin. Dwelling on a combination of bright and vivid pigments, they promise to look out of the ordinary. An important thing to note about this style is that these tattoos can be inked with relatively lower pain but might also fade sooner than conventional tattoos.

7. Minimalist Tattoo Style

Ideal for people desiring to make statements without wanting to ink elaborated designs, it is a popular Gen-Z tattoo style characterized by delicate and symbolically rich designs. These are meaningful designs inked in a manner that does not attract too much attention and are sometimes even hidden.

8. Stick-and-Poke Tattoo Style

Popularly known as the handpicked tattoo style, these tattoos are hand-made by professionals highlighting their elemental nature. Hnadpoked tattoos in the hands of an experienced professional can craft something magical. Their central characters are bold black lines and small and decorative patterns. Geometric designs, sun, moon, and zodiac signs are some common stick-and-poke tattoo designs.

The world of tattoos is ever-evolving to introduce brand-new modifications and revolutionise tattoo appearances. The possibilities of ink are limitless and invite careful consideration for choosing a design that speaks to you. By considering all these designs, you can bring your desired tattoo to life in the style, colour, and dimension you want.

Charles Huurman