05.04.20 01:32 PM By Charles Huurman

Using new technology in tattoo designs

For a great tattoo design, designing is at least 60% more important than actually tattooing.

Using new technologies is better because you can study many possibilities instead of one or two options like with traditional drawing. 

With 3D technology I can try and see more things as when I have to work on a full sleeve, for example, it allows me to try many things in the 3D arm and see how the design is going to work much faster. This gives me a sense of freedom that I don't have when working with pencils. 

Technology is unlimited while my hands and my drawings are much more limited and it helps me to discover new techniques constantly.

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I normally use the following process for designing Tattoos:

- 1st. I draw with markers on the human body

- 2nd I take a photo of the area where I will tattoo (arm, leg…)

- 3rd. Adding the photo as a base layer on Photoshop.

- 4th Using Photoshop allows me to explore virtually many options:

  • Many times I use Photoshop 3D where I can place the designs on a 3D virtual body piece. 
  • I also draw on Photoshop using my Ipad as a screen for the PC. I mirror it with the App Astropad.

- 5th I will then place the design over the real photo of the client. This gives a very accurate image of how the tattoo will be.

- 6th For the stencil I use a special Brother thermal fax printer and then on to the skin!

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Charles Huurman