05.04.20 01:32 PM By Charles Huurman

Using new technology in tattoo designs

For a great tattoo design, designing is at least 60% more important than actually tattooing.

Using new technologies is better because you can study many possibilities instead of one or two options like with traditional drawing. 

With 3D technology he can try and see more things as when he has to work on a full sleeve, for example, it allows him to try many things in the 3D arm and see how the design is going to work much faster. This gives him a sense of freedom that he doesn't have when working with pencils. 

Technology is unlimited while his hands and his drawings are much more limited and it helps him to discover new techniques constantly.

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I normally use the following process for designing Tattoos:

- 1st. I draw  with markers on the human body

- 2nd I take a photo of the area where he will tattoo (arm, leg…)

- 3rd. Adding the photo as a base layer on photoshop.

- 4th Using Photoshop allows me to explore virtually many options:

  • Many times i use Photoshop 3D where i can place the designs on a 3D virtual body piece. 
  • I also draws on photoshop using his Ipad as a screen for the PC. I mirrors it with the App Astropad.

- 5th I will then place the design over the real photo of the client. This gives a very accurate image of how the tattoo will be.

- 6th For the stencil i use a special Brother thermal fax printer and then on to the skin!

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