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Getting the best reference to tattoo a portrait
I can work with nearly anything a client gives me. I’ll be totally honest. The easiest way for me is to go with all the footage I get, put it on your skin and tattoo it. But people come to me to do the best I can, and part of that is trying to get the best possible materia...
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Covering Tattoos

 Tattoo Cover-ups 

Charles enjoys Cover-ups, because he can do amazing work with them. How ever we have to bear in mind that with Cover-Ups there are a few restrictions that will make it happen. Thats why not all ideas are good for Cover-Ups. We will take the time to explain some of Charles...

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For a great tattoo design, designing is at least 60% more important than actually tattooing.

Using new technologies is better because you can study many possibilities instead of one or two options like with traditional drawing. 

With 3D technology he can try and see more things as when he has to ...

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