Dallas Best Color Tattoo Artists

Color tattooing is a very specialized form of tattooing that requires a high level of artistry, skill and training. We’re Dallas best color tattoo artists because we have been doing color tattoos for 13 years now and take great pride in what we do. From small pieces to large tattoos, we will work with you to create something beautiful.



· We Have the Proper Training – The best color tattoo artists in Dallas TX will also have specialized training in areas such as digital media or traditional art forms such as painting or drawing. This ensures that your artist will be able to produce quality work that meets your expectations. For instance, our artist Charles Huurman was a painter (oil on canvas) for decades. 

· We Are Experienced – Avoid color tattoo artists who have just started out or those who haven't been practicing long enough to gain any sort of experience yet. Trusting a color tattoo with a newbie can be a disaster. 

· We Dedicate Enough Time to You – You’ll find that Dallas best color tattoo artists and most certainly Charles Huurman dedicate enough time to design and preparation, so you don’t feel rushed. We start the design process months ahead of time and will provide you with 3D images so you have a good idea of what the finished tattoo will look like. 



When dealing with an inexperienced artist, one of the most overlooked things is the color of your ink. Working with the best color tattoo artists in Dallas TX you can find is a good idea because we follow a process in choosing each one:


 We know which colors will last for years

 We consult books and charts to find the right shade that doesn't fade too quickly or look too garish on skin

 We know how to mix up hues and blend them together seamlessly so they blend with your skin tone



Some people think that only the best tattooists in the world can do great color tattoos, and well, they're probably right. But you're in luck! One of Dallas best color tattoo artists Charles Huurman is accepting new clients. Fill out the contact form below and we'll contact you to discuss your ideas.