Dallas Best Portrait Tattoo Artistsa

We're considered some of Dallas best portrait tattoo artists because we have mastered the art of using photographs to create realistic portraits on skin. We can reproduce your favorite photo or turn large parts of your body into a work of art. No matter what your style, we'll deliver high-quality work that will awe and inspire everyone you meet. 



 Stippling – This technique uses dots to create the illusion of shading and depth. This can be either black or colored dots, depending on what you prefer. Stippling is often used by the best portrait tattoo artists in Dallas TX for portraits that have a lot of detail in the face or clothing. It can also be used for larger areas where more shading is needed but the skin is too thin for traditional shading techniques.

 Crosshatching – Crosshatching adds more depth to a piece by using lines that cross each other at different angles and depths. This gives an illusion of light bouncing off the skin in different directions which makes it look like there's more texture than there actually is. Crosshatching can also be used as shading on top of already shaded areas to add even more depth and realism to an image.

 Shading with Dots – This method uses small dots to create shadows and shading effects. It is used by Dallas best portrait tattoo artists because it looks very realistic when viewed either up close or far away from your artwork.



There are countless options but in general, portrait tattoos are created by the best portrait tattoo artists in Dallas TX from photos of someone or something you love, which could be:


 A family member or friend

 A beloved pet (animal portrait)

 A favorite celebrity's face (celebrity portraiture)

 A portrait of an object that has meaning to you, i.e. a music instrument or clock



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