San Antonio Hyper Realistic Tattoo Artists

Hyper realistic tattoos are very different and require a different approach than traditional tattoos. They’re not just a photo of a person's face or body. A hyper realistic tattoo is an interpretation by the artist as well. It's not just a picture on your skin, it's an artwork that tells a story. 

You will want to work with San Antonio hyper realistic 3D tattoo artists who know how to handle the detail that comes with these types of tattoos, such as Charles Huurman.


  • Photo-Realistic Tattoos – The most common style of hyper-realistic tattoo, this style is created by hyper realistic 3D tattoo artists in San Antonio TX using a technique of shading and coloring that is intended to mimic a photograph as closely as possible. The result is an image that looks like a photograph, but with a greater level of detail than can be achieved with standard ink or pencils. 
  • Abstract Hyper Realistic Tattoos – Created using geometric shapes and patterns that don’t necessarily resemble anything in particular, they are just meant to look cool! These tattoos are often done using bright colors and sharp lines that create an eye-catching effect on skin. They can be inspired by various things like animals, food, plants, or even music.
  • Illustrative Hyper Realistic Tattoos – Based on illustrations, some San Antonio hyper realistic 3D tattoo artists get their inspiration for these types of tattoos from popular culture. Interesting subjects are often from movies or TV shows like Disney princesses or Harry Potter characters, illustrations of animals, flowers, ¬or objects like cars.


There are many interesting factoids about this style that hyper realistic 3D tattoo artists in San Antonio TX can inform you about:
  • Hyper-realistic tattoos are a relatively new style of tattooing
  • Some artists even going as far as putting their work in galleries and exhibitions
  • Hyper realistic tattoos are usually done on the face or body, but can also be applied to smaller areas such as fingers and hands


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