Texas Best Portrait Tattoo Artists

Portrait tattoos are all the rage right now, but they can be extremely difficult to get done correctly. Not only must the artist have an incredible attention to detail, but they must also be able to capture the essence of their subject in ink on your skin.

Charles Huurman is one of Texas best portrait tattoo artists. Charles has 16 years of solid experience creating custom tattoos, so he will be able to help you design a unique piece of art that's just right for you.


 What Makes the Best Subject for a Portrait Tattoo? – Portrait tattoos are often inspired by a person, animal or occasionally an object. The best portrait tattoo artists in Texas can do anything from realistic portraits to cartoon-style drawings. 

 What Kind of Style Can Be Used? – The style is totally up to you. Portrait tattoos can be done in black ink or color. They can be done with bold lines or smooth shading.

 Can I Get More Than One Image Tattooed? – It's possible to get multiple portraits on one arm, chest, leg or back or any other body part from Texas best portrait tattoo artists because they have experience working with large pieces. On the arms, this is referred to as a sleeve tattoo or full-arm sleeve tattoo.



As one of the best portrait tattoo artists in Texas and beyond, Charles has a variety of tools and methods at his disposal:


 His line work is precise and very detailed to create art work that is true to the original

 He uses reference material, which can be anything from photos to sketches or paintings and drawings by other artists

 Shading is used extensively to create shadows on the face or body parts in order to make them look more like real skin

 He relies a lot on his own drawing skill and has a fine art background



If you're looking for realistic tattoo ideas, look no further than the work of Texas best portrait tattoo artists Charles Huurman. We have appointments opening up for a select number of clients. Please fill out the contact form below for consideration. If your project is approved, we will get back to you with a detailed project report.